Magician Parliament Foundations
World's Largest Magician Association

Magician Parliament Foundation's associate member is for anyone who loves the art of magic.

All Magician Assembly Members are given an opportunity to registered under Magician Parliament. The Magician Parliament Foundation is the world’s largest organization of magicians. The Magician Parliament’s membership today includes the top professional magicians and thousands of enthusiastic hobbyists from all walks of life.

All elected applicants are required to have a current member of the Magician Assembly sponsor in order to join.

Our Objective⁣:

  • To promote magic as a creative and interesting art and foster the interest of the members of the magician parliament related to service, cultural, academic and any other common interest through Magic.
  • To associate magicians, affiliated magic clubs / organizations / associations / societies, magic dealers, exporters, importers, manufacturers and also individuals, who are interested in magic.
  • To stimulate local and overseas connection, upgrade the standard art of magic and status of magicians, assisting prospective magicians to develop their career.

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An Internationally Acclaimed Magician C P Yadav performed his most dangerous “FIRE ESCAPE” magic in 'India's Got Talent' TV show on COLORS CHANNEL.

Magician C P Yadav / Delhi

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